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Giving Thanks September 10, 2007

Posted by Joe in General Lessons, Random Musings.


I have been in something of a blogging mood tonight. It is a joy to sit down a write, a practice that for me, stirs up my soul and ushers me into greater worship of the Lord. So I thought I would continue with some reflections on parenthood, actually some thanksgivings for parenthood.

Of course, thanksgivings for parenthood naturally imply thanksgivings for our children, so that is indeed what I must do. For the past few days, amidst a bit of activity, I have found myself giving more and more thanks to the Lord for our little ones. It has struck me now, for whatever reason, that Abigail and Elijah will not always be 3 and 1 years old. Now I realize that that isn’t big news to anyone. After all, it’s reality. Life moves on. We grow old. No one can stop it.

But my thinking doesn’t concern the facing of reality so much as it does the desire to ‘soak in’ the sweet moments of life. And because of Christ, life is full of sweet moments. Indeed, even the moments that do not seem so sweet are sweet nonetheless. I want my heart to continually be filled with thanksgiving– in all things as the Lord has commanded us. And I especially want this to be true concerning parenthood and our children.

I confess that too often I have looked at our children at times as if they were getting in the way of my doing something else. It is foolish and selfish I realize, but then again, I am oftentimes foolish and selfish! It could be something as simple as moving branches to the curb. In the past (or simply in a worse frame of mind), I may have simply wanted our kids out of the way so that I could finish my work, but today, I invited Abigail to join me and help me. And she was gracious enough to do so–at least for a bit.

And sure, I may not have worked as quickly as I could have were I by myself, but I can say for sure that my time moving those branches out to the curb was full of much more joy because of Abigail’s company. Of course, she did most of the talking (which shows how much she can talk if she can outdo me), but that is exactly what I want really. I want to listen. I want to hear what is going on in her little world. I want to slow down with activities and soak in life with my little Abigail–for she will not always be where she is now.

And as I sit here and think about it, I see that this lesson is a vital one in effective parenting. Slow down. Soak it in. Be thankful. Beware of looking at your children as if they were an inconvenience, as if they were getting in the way of your getting something more important done. For in the end, it is hard to find something that is more important. Yes, I realize that there are plenty of things that need to get done. As you can attest Erin, I am not shy about doing what I have to do to do them. However, raising the little ones the Lord has given us is big piece of my calling in life. So how much else do I really have to do?

Let’s give thanks love. O may the Lord grant us the grace to fill our home with a sweet, joy-filled thanksgiving. May a spirit of gratitude be evident in our every word and deed. May the Lord grant us the grace to slow down and soak in life with our children. And even more, may He do the same for us. For no matter how great the joy may be to soak in life with them, it is always better with you.

Giving thanks,




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